IC-9700 In Internal Terminal Mode

Using the new Icom IC-9700 in D-Star DV Internal Terminal mode and connecting to the multi-protocol XLX227 B reflector. Radio is running the latest firmware as of June 29, 2019 ver 1.11

The IC-9700 is a very feature rich radio. One feature it has is the ability to make pure IP connections via the built-in ethernet port and connecting to gateways running G3 software from Icom and/or reflectors running “open software”. This is a short guide on connecting to an open reflector XLX227 B.

Connect up the ethernet port on the IC-9700 to your home network and make sure it gets an IP address. The address should be a static address since you will need to open up UDP port 40000 for port forwarding from the Internet to the IP address of the IC-9700 on you local network. The best way to do this is to login to your router/gateway box set up a static entry in the DHCP pool using the MAC address of the IC-9700, you can find that in the information location in the menu – this way when you power on the IC-9700 and it requests an IP address using DHCP from your home router it will always get the same IP address.

home network diagram
Home Networking Diagram

In the IC-9700 some things need to be setup – here is a short video on what those settings are: (Validate the network, make sure My Station is setup, set up DV Gateway)

Set up IC-9700 Internal Terminal Mode

In video I am linking to reflector XLX227 module B. This reflector is capable of linking D-Star, DMR and Fusion nodes/users all in the same room/Talk group/Module. This means you can have a Digital X-Mode QSO with the three different modes: D-star linking to /XLX227B, DMR+ to TG 4670 and YSF to 95093 – you can get the status from the dashboard of the reflector – http://xlx227.hamnet.ro/index.php Look under users/Modules for your call sign and then under Repeaters / Nodes

Dashboard for reflector XLX227 Repeaters / Nodes