Current Observed Weather Conditions In St Paul TX

Additional Resources

NEW Tempest Weather Station – main page

New Tempest Station by WeatherFlow On Weather Underground

Forecast From The Weather Channel – St Paul Texas

Current Weather Station – The station hardware is a Tempest station by WeatherFlow – it has no moving parts and a few more sensors than the Davis Vantage Pro 2 – complete photo gallery in my Flickr Album Here The new tempest station was installed July 20, 2020

About The Old Station – Hardware Davis Vantage Pro 2 for measurements and WeatherTracker from Afterten Software for reporting, running on MacOS.

I also have a WeMos based – Solar Powered IoT weather station connected to the ThingSpeak Cloud that reports weather stats here on this link:

The WeMos station based on the Instructables Circuits project: complete with a battery and builtin charger.