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Experimental XLX687 Reflector OnLine

XLX687 dashboard

An experimental multi-protocol reflector XLX687 that supports transcoding on Module A between DMR, D-Star and Fusion radios has been brought online that is open for any HAM operator to use. Reflector XLX687 also includes support for Icom radios with G3 Terminal mode via IP with NO external HotSpot/Pi-Star like the IC-9700 and the IC-705.

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Making Contact With HF Voyager Via HAM Radio

The Jupiter Research Foundation has an amateur radio club. And, that club has recently launched the HF Voyager on a Pacific journey from Hawaii to California. Enclosed in a waterproof housing onboard the HF Voyager is a HF (high frequency) HAM radio (an Elecraft KX3 in fact).

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ZUMSpot With Pi-Star

Zumspot BoardA very short slide-show overview of a ZUMspot with Pi-Star software/image running on a Raspberry  Pi – An open-source multi-protocol UHF HAM Radio HotSpot. Protocol support for DMR, D-Star, System Fusion (YSF), P-25 and NXDN.  Click below for slide-show.

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ARRL 2016 NPOTA Chaser Award

NPOTA KG5EIU Chaser Award 2016

Received my Official ARRL 2016 NPOTA Chaser Award confirming 55 NPS units worked during the 2016 National Parks On The Air (NPOTA) event.   See below for a few galleries of some of my activations – some of those activations I was able to chase other parks.

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ATT uVerse Tune Up

Had the ATT uVerse techs on site to give me a tune up and and I also more than doubled my Internet speeds both up and down.   “Jason” did great work.   So I’ll be keeping the service – at least for another year.   Mark me down as a Happy ATT customer.

Life Member AMSAT

Proud to be a life member of AMSAT  (Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation) Be sure to check them out, excitng fall 2016 launches are planned.


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