Working on setting up some AREDN (Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network) Mesh nodes.  Above photo compares the Bullet M2 Titanium to the Rocket M2.   Both of the radios are Ubiquiti WiFi Radios and will support the ARDEN Mesh firmware.  Ubiquiti makes a number of differnt radios that support AREDN and there is a nice matrix on the AREDN site right here.  I plan on using the Bullet Titanium M2 (on the left) for a my base radio and that will be paired up with a TP-Link TL-ANT2412D 12dBi outdoor dipole antenna.   The other radio I will use is the NanoStation Loco (pictured below) for CPE side.  This will allow any ethernet device to “attach” to the mesh.

NanoStation M Loco Unboxed


My high level ARDN testbed diagram is noted below.

AREDN Mesh Testbed diagram

More photos in my flickr gallery here.