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Experimental XLX687 Reflector OnLine

XLX687 dashboard

An experimental multi-protocol reflector XLX687 that supports transcoding on Module A between DMR, D-Star and Fusion radios has been brought online that is open for any HAM operator to use. Reflector XLX687 also includes support for Icom radios with G3 Terminal mode via IP with NO external HotSpot/Pi-Star like the IC-9700 and the IC-705.

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VHF WinLink With IC-705 And Soundmodem TNC

WinLink VHF with Soundmodem

VHF Winlink is working good with the new Icom IC-705 and UZ7HO Soundmodem 1.05 software TNC using the optional CAT control files from the Icom IC-7300

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Using WinLink With Icom IC-9700 And Soundmodem TNC

Icom IC-9700 In FM-D mode for Winlink Express
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Picture Mode IC-9700

Short YouTube video showing you how to get into picture mode on the Icom IC-9700 HAM Radio using the new firmware v1.20 release early Oct 2019.

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