Short YouTube video showing you how to get into picture mode on the Icom IC-9700 HAM Radio using the new firmware v1.20 release early Oct 2019.

After updating your IC-9700 with ver 1.20 firmware released early Oct 2019 you will be able to send and receive photos in D-star mode. Also note, there is a separate windows utility to transfer one-way, photos from your windows PC to the IC-9700 (there is also an Android utility, but I don’t have an android device), be sure to look at the PDF on the ST-4001W utility . – you will need an SD-Card in the IC-9700 and have it lan/network/ethernet attached to your local network with your PC and an internet connection. Here is a short overview video of Picture mode on the IC-9700 – this video is an overview of the menus and interface on the IC-9700. Be sure to go check out the official Icom “About the Share Pictures Function” PDF off the global site.

Short video overview of the ST-4001W Windows utility to transfer photos to the IC-9700 HAM Radio: