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Setting Up A GL-USB150 With AREDN

GL-USB150 Microuter

Installing and setting up AREDN (Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network) firmware on a GL-iNet GL-USB150 Microuter is simple an easy with just a few short steps to get this node on the air in an AREDN Network. Be sure to review the excellent AREDN Doc on getting started – will be using the GL-iNet First Install Process as a reference to get the AREDN firmware loaded on the GL-USB150 Microuter. The main use case will be have any computer with a USB port get instant access to an AREDN mesh network – you only need to be near another mesh node for it to connect. The GL-USB150 running the AREDN firmware can also act as an AREDN Tunnel Node or an AREDN Tunnel End Point.

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AREDN Mesh Networking

Spent the afternoon in a local park (Point North Park) in Richardson Texas testing out some AREDN Mesh nodes.

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2.4GHz Custom Antenna Bracket For AREDN Mesh Base

Some where along the way I lost the mounting bracket for my TPLink TL-ANT2412D antenna I had purchased for a Ubiquiti Bullet M2 to be converted to AREDN Mesh to be used as my base node at the QTH.  So I decided to fabricate one that I can use in the field for testing and later on for mounting to my house.

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