Some where along the way I lost the mounting bracket for my TPLink TL-ANT2412D antenna I had purchased for a Ubiquiti Bullet M2 to be converted to AREDN Mesh to be used as my base node at the QTH.  So I decided to fabricate one that I can use in the field for testing and later on for mounting to my house.

I started with some scrap 3″ wide 1/8″ cold steel and put a 1″ hole in it for the base of the antenna:

Next I cut it down the top part about 6″:

Here is the top part of the bracket with a 1″ hole – the penny is for reference:
Custom Antenna bracket

Test antenna fit to the 1″hole on the bracket for fit:
Bracket and antenna

Function check the fit and function of the bracket and see how it works by C-clamping it to my balcony in a temporary location:
Temp setup

Adding a 5″ vertical mount plate on the right:
Custom 2.4GHz Antenna Bracket

Using a template to mark the drill holes with a punch – using 9/32″ hole size.  Patterns for 1.25″ U-bolts and 2″ U-bolts – the other holes are for screw/bolt mounting to the side of a building
Custom 2.4GHz Antenna Bracket

Getting setup for welding:
Custom 2.4GHz Antenna Bracket

Welding the bracket: Custom 2.4GHz Antenna Bracket

Finsihed bracket with a fresh coat of self-etching primer to keep the rust away:
Finished Bracket With Primer