I have been been hunting for the ideal SOTA (Summits On The Air) lightweight tripod that wasn’t to short, heavy or flimsy – well I think I may have found the solution.   It is the Manfrotto Nanopole Stand MS0490A.   Which has the following specs:

Max Heigh of 76.8in
Min Heigh of 19.3 in
Weights only 2.2lbs and is all aluminum with a 2yr warranty.  
This is not a “disposable” tripod but one that will last and I think work very well on SOTA adventures for my AlexLoop and other small antennas perhaps even a 2M/70CM 146/437-10WBP from Arrow Antenna.  It has a very wide base when deployed and even has a hook for a weight bag.   A unique features of this tripod allow you to quickly detach the center column and use that as a hand-held boom or selfie stick.  Click the photos above/below for larger views.