Shark RF OpenSPOT

Here is the SharkRF openSPOT this little box will support DMR (Brandmeister, DMRPlus), D-Star (DCS, REF/DPlus), System Fusion (FCS) networks as delivered.  I was in the second group/batch Sep 2016.   Below are some open box photos and initial install screens for your reference.  There are only 4 screens to configure/setup the hotspot – this hotspot will be ideal for those that would like the ability to have this connected at their QTH and be able use and access the different digital modes to connect via the Internet.   No computer system or Pi to update and maintain openSPOT firmware update is easy and documented on the SharkRF web site.  This is plug – configure and play all via a web browser.

Shark RF OpenSpot
What is included from the factory


Shark RF OpenSpot
Contents of the box openSPOT, AC wart, ethernet cable, usb cable


Shark RF OpenSpot
Blurry photo of the 2″ included antenna


Shark RF OpenSpot
Close up of the openSPOT ports: Ethernet, reset hole, USB power


Shark RF OpenSpot
Backside of the openSPOT


Shark RF OpenSpot
Close up of included power wart – basicly a Raspberry Pi Power Supply with 5V and 1A
openSPOT Status
Initial status screen of the openSPOT
openSPOT Connectors
Connectors available as of sep 2016 (digital modes)
openSPOT Modem
Setting up the modem of the openSPOT (radio)
openSPOT Settings
Settings page for the openSPOT