Meraki Outdoor MV-71 IP Security Camera

Below is a short unboxing video of  a cloud managed outdoor Meraki MV-71 Security camera and the three different mounting options currently offered as of Dec 2016.  The Camera MV-71, the MA-MNT-MV-1 arm mount, The MA-MNT-MV-2 pole mount and the MA-MNT-MV-3 L mount.   The photo above is of the MV71 camera and the MA-MNT-MV-1 arm mount that is mated to the MA-MNT-MV-2 pole mount using included stainless steel pipe band clamps- all hardware, bolts and screws are included.  Also note the cameras have included a wall mount bracket that could be used for mounting directly on a wall or ceiling or different standard electrical boxes.

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