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IoT LoRaWAN Sensor Online

RAK7204 LoRaWAN Environmental Sensor
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Getting Started With DAPNET

Short slide deck on getting started with DAPNET – Decentralized Amateur Paging Network.  Access to the Google Slide Deck Here

Making Contact With HF Voyager Via HAM Radio

The Jupiter Research Foundation has an amateur radio club. And, that club has recently launched the HF Voyager on a Pacific journey from Hawaii to California. Enclosed in a waterproof housing onboard the HF Voyager is a HF (high frequency) HAM radio (an Elecraft KX3 in fact).

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Unboxing A Meraki Security Camera & Mounts

Meraki Outdoor MV-71 IP Security Camera

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AREDN Mesh Networking

Spent the afternoon in a local park (Point North Park) in Richardson Texas testing out some AREDN Mesh nodes.

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Meraki MC74 Interface


Quick video of the Meraki MC74 IP phone Interface and user experience.  Very nice pretty, responsive interface that is very simple and easy to use.

Additional photos and details at in my Flickr Gallery:
Meraki MC74

Meraki MC74 Unboxing

A New Voice In Communication


Fresh from the Cisco Meraki factory and off the UPS truck I unbox a Meraki MC74.  100% Cloud managed using the cloud-hosted Meraki Dashboard.  More details on the Meraki Site.

Direct link to the install guide is here

Will be un-boxing a Meraki MC74.   Stay tuned.

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