KX2 VFO Knob Upgrade
Solid Aluminum KX2 VFO Knob Upgrade

The Elecraft KX2 is a marvelous tiny radio – I have done several upgrades to it including SideKX Panels and matching cover.  The latest update is an upgrade to the plastic VFO knob.   Below is a VFO knob kit I found on eBay for around $25 bux (free shipping)  Complete with allen wrench for an easy install. 

KX2 VFO Knob Upgrade
Fig 1 – Knob Kit

Fig 1 – Everything included in the knob upgrade kit compared to the factory knob.


KX2 VFO Knob upgrade
Fig 2 – KX2 Factory VFO Shaft.

Fig 2 – KX2 factory VFO shaft with the factory knob removed – the shaft appears to be plastic.

The factory knob just pulls off – set the set screw on the new aluminum knob, match up the flat side of the KX2 VFO shaft and tighten – so easy.  The best part is the dimple on the knob and the added weight makes for an even better tuning experience – highly recommended!   The knob is very well machined, it looks and feels very high quality including the finish.

73! David KG5EIU.

I ordered this kit off eBay from seller ekeppel