Since the State of Texas requires front license plates like it or not I had to put one on.

I picked up the StoNSho front bracket license plate bracket from CJPonyParts. I considered mounting it off center on the passenger side but after much deliberation – I put it in the center. Install is easy – the entire bracket is all aluminum, seems to be a high quality product – I replaced the included mounting hardware with a quick trip to the local Home Depot for some stainless bolts and nylock nuts and washers. Happy with the results – time will tell how well it stands up.


Comes well packed in a heavy shipping box:


Contents of the front license plate bracket kit:


Few bux for stainless hardware upgrade from local Home Depot everything is 1/4 X 3/4 – if you get new hardware you only need 1/4 X 1/2″ for the plate bolts (a kit that is of this quality and cost should include stainless hardware):


The front skid plate will have to be dropped but not removed – leave the font bolts (13mm socket) really loose and take the long bolts (15mm socket) out on the rear of the front skid and you should be able to get your paws in between the skid and bumper to get the hardware (nuts and washers) on for the front mount.


Finished install – still blocks a little bit of the intercooler but no where near as much as the factory bracket- any off-roading I”ll just pull the plate and mount: