UT-137 Bluetooth

First look and hardware install of the ICOM UT-137 Bluetooth unit for the D-Star ICOM  ID-4100A Radio.  This will allow the remote controlling of the ID-4100 from an iPhone/Android or PC using Bluetooth and associated client application.

At the June 2017 HAM-COM in Irving TX ICOM sponsored pizza party and I was the lucky winer of a new ICOM ID-4100A – thank you ICOM America!!!


Below is what is in the factory UT-137 box – I picked up the UT-137 from the local HRO here in Plano TX.


Looking a little closer here are the bottom and top of the UT-137 Unit here is the bottom and the top of the unit – it is very small


Installation of the UT-137 is easy – review page 7 Icom basic manual. on the bottom of the ID-4100 there are 8 screws – remove those and set them aside for safe keeping!   The UT-137 module slips in a tiny slot on the front of the radio and snaps on the radio board (install point highlighted in red circle below) there are NO screws to hold it in.


Close up of the ID-4100A location to install the optional ICOM UT-137 bluetooth unit.


Below – final installed UT-137 Bluetooth module in an ICOM ID-4100A (circled in red)


Replace the bottom half of the ID-4100 radio case using the 8 screws you carefully set aside – connect up the radio to antenna and power and get into the bluetooth menu from the Bluetooth Set Menu (for more help check out All the iCom 4100 manuals.) and initialize the UT-137 bluetooth module – you can then get the Bluetooth Device Information from the setup screen to “see” the module installed – it shows up as an ICOM BT-003 device


Since I am using an iPhone running iOS I downloaded the free Icom RS-MS1 App from the Apple AppStore.  If you are running Android – grab the free app from the Google play store.  After you pair up the UT-137 which shows up in Bluetooth lists as an ICOM BT-003 you can do a number of things in the app – setting up reflectors, setting TO and much more is fast and easy inside the RS-MS1 App – the App makes controller the ID-4100A fast and easy as well as connecting to gateways and reflectors.   Below are some sample screen shots from my iPhone of the interface.  The App is fast and responsive on my iPhone – my radio was 3′ away so I was expecting a good Bluetooth connection to the ID-4100A from my iPhone and I had no issues.  (the MID button in the lower left controls the radio power low mid or high).   The UT-137 module is a little “pricy” at $90 bux from local HRO but sure makes using the D-Star interface of the ID-4100 a breeze and controlling the radio fun.  You can even set the volume and squelch.   More D-Star ICOM ID-4100A and UT-137 photos here in the my ID-4100 Gallery

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