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AREDN Mesh Networking

Spent the afternoon in a local park (Point North Park) in Richardson Texas testing out some AREDN Mesh nodes.

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2.4GHz Custom Antenna Bracket For AREDN Mesh Base

Some where along the way I lost the mounting bracket for my TPLink TL-ANT2412D antenna I had purchased for a Ubiquiti Bullet M2 to be converted to AREDN Mesh to be used as my base node at the QTH.  So I decided to fabricate one that I can use in the field for testing and later on for mounting to my house.

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Raspberry Pi D-STAR DVMEGA Build

Here is a build of the GigaParts DVMega Pi3 Kit SKU: ZXX-DVMEGA-01-K  This kit is nice since it includes everythign you need to get started with D-Star DV-Mega.  This is a mini RF repeater that connects to your network and sets up as a D-Star repeater allowing you to connect to D-Star reflectors and Repeaters.

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Checking Firmware Yaesu FT-991

Short video on how to check the firmware version on a Yaesu FT-991 Radio.

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KX2 QRP From The Park

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ATT uVerse Tune Up

Had the ATT uVerse techs on site to give me a tune up and and I also more than doubled my Internet speeds both up and down.   “Jason” did great work.   So I’ll be keeping the service – at least for another year.   Mark me down as a Happy ATT customer.

Life Member AMSAT

Proud to be a life member of AMSAT  (Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation) Be sure to check them out, excitng fall 2016 launches are planned.


SOTA Ready Tripod

I have been been hunting for the ideal SOTA (Summits On The Air) lightweight tripod that wasn’t to short, heavy or flimsy – well I think I may have found the solution.   It is the Manfrotto Nanopole Stand MS0490A.   Which has the following specs:

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