Here is a build of the GigaParts DVMega Pi3 Kit SKU: ZXX-DVMEGA-01-K  This kit is nice since it includes everythign you need to get started with D-Star DV-Mega.  This is a mini RF repeater that connects to your network and sets up as a D-Star repeater allowing you to connect to D-Star reflectors and Repeaters.

DVMEGA GigaParts Kit – case, DVMEGA, Antenna, Pi (not shown is the Pi power supply and SanDisk 16GB card preloaded with the DVMEGA software from Western D-Star

Antenna and MicroSDHC card preloaded with DVMEGA software and Pi OS


Included 3D-Printed Case for the Pi and DVMEGA


Raspberry Pi3 fits very nice in the inclued case with the Kit DVMEGA


3D-Printed Case, Pi 3 and the DVMEGA board lower right.


DVMEGA board moutned inside the case on top of the Raspberry Pi 3 DVMEGA


Fully Assemlbed GigaParts kit
GigaParts DVMEGA Kit


Pi Screen running the Western D-Star code total build time was about an hour to get it all going and setup.  Full gallery here.DVMEGA-Pi-Linked