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ZUMSpot ver .6 Unboxing

ZUMSpot ver .6
ZUMSpot ver .6 with 1.3 OLED HotSpot

More unboxing photos and notes in my flickr gallery.

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Unboxing DRAWS

NW Digital DRAWS

Unboxing DRAWS by NW Digital Radio – a Raspberry Pi HAT useful for Amateur radio projects.  (DRAWS – Digital Radio Amateur WorkStation).

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Introduction To Pi-Star HotSpots


Here is a short slide deck on getting started with Pi-Star , MMDVM and HotSpots.  This was presented at Tech Net On The Hill 2018 with the Dallas Amateur Radio Club (DARC).

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Getting Started With DAPNET

Short slide deck on getting started with DAPNET – Decentralized Amateur Paging Network.  Access to the Google Slide Deck Here

Digital HotSpots For Ham Radio Presentation


Here is a short slide presentation about Digital HotSpots For HAM Radio – That Bill KF5ZBL and I presented to The Richardson Amateur Radio Club at their August 2018 club meeting.

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Solar Setup Field Day 2018

A short video of my solar charging setup using a 100W Renogy Solar Suitcase Panel with a West Mountain Epic PWRGate controller and a Bioenno LiFe battery for power.

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Making Contact With HF Voyager Via HAM Radio

The Jupiter Research Foundation has an amateur radio club. And, that club has recently launched the HF Voyager on a Pacific journey from Hawaii to California. Enclosed in a waterproof housing onboard the HF Voyager is a HF (high frequency) HAM radio (an Elecraft KX3 in fact).

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IP Discover ZUMspot/Pi-Star On Local Lan


This is a short guide on using an iphone/ipad App to discover ZUMSpots running Pi-Star on your local lan with this tool you can glean/discover the IP address along with the MAC address of your hotspot running pi-star

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Icom Bluetooth UT-137 First Look

UT-137 Bluetooth

First look and hardware install of the ICOM UT-137 Bluetooth unit for the D-Star ICOM  ID-4100A Radio.  This will allow the remote controlling of the ID-4100 from an iPhone/Android or PC using Bluetooth and associated client application.

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