ZUMSpot ver .6
ZUMSpot ver .6 with 1.3 OLED HotSpot

More unboxing photos and notes in my flickr gallery.

New updated ZUMSpot hardware ver .6 with 1.3″ OLED Display available at HRO in several kits. Currently (as of Jan 12, 2019) running Pi-Star 4.0 RC2 and working well. Display setup as type 6 OLED on port /dev/ttyAMA0 and layout G4KLX:

Running pi-star 4.0 RC2 I had to get into expert editor under MMDVMHost and under the OLED section I had to set the OLED type to 6, while I was there I also set the rotate to 1 to rotate the display orientation:

Some other notes: I had a left over Pi 2/3 case that had the original ZUMSpot in it – the new ver .6 board doesn’t align 100% with the antenna holes for the original ZUMSpot – so I’ll need a new case – the OLED screen is very fragile and it is IMPORTANT not to press on it and it needs to be protected for everyday use. I’ll be getting the ZRZ-1AS case from C4 Labs which is built specifically for ZUMSpot ver .6 and Pi-Zero W board. W6GPS Don Arnold has a GREAT Youtube setup video for the whole HRO kit: