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HAM Radio Install Ford F-150

Ford F-150 2017 SVT Raptor

Details on installing a Yaesu FTM-400XDR in a 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor pickup
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KX2 Solid Al VFO Knob Upgrade

KX2 VFO Knob Upgrade
Solid Aluminum KX2 VFO Knob Upgrade

The Elecraft KX2 is a marvelous tiny radio – I have done several upgrades to it including SideKX Panels and matching cover.  The latest update is an upgrade to the plastic VFO knob.   Below is a VFO knob kit I found on eBay for around $25 bux (free shipping)  Complete with allen wrench for an easy install. 

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Volunteering Support: 2016 BMW Dallas Marathon

I got to volunteer as a shadow to the Relay Coordinator supporting the 2016 BMW Dallas Marathon.  I needed a higher power radio setup that I could temporally install in a late model Tahoe complete with APRS support.  I setup a Yaesu 400DR, and ran APRS on VFO-B.  Mounting the raido on a 11X17 cutting board allowed me to temporally hang the entire setup off the back of the driver or passenger seat with a 5/8 wave mag-mounted antenna for “portable mobile” use.   This setup was very easy to setup in under 2min time and if needed would have been able to move to another vehicle or operate from fixed location for an extended period of time using the 12 volt 10Ahr battery.   The control head had a RAM-Mount ball and could be either mounted to the cutting board or on a window RAM-Ball mount for easy viewing.   I extended the mic connection with a 15” length of flat-satin cable with 6 pin RJ-12 connectors straight thru.  The setup worked really well and I ran it for over 7hours.  Looking forward to next year. Continue reading “Volunteering Support: 2016 BMW Dallas Marathon”

Tytera MD-390GPS Unboxed

Just in time for the 2016 Holidays here is a Tytera MD-390GPS unboxed.  A short video and some photos of the newer “water proof” DMR Tytera MD-390GPS kit.  A complete kit with charger and base, programming cable/usb, ear-bud with PTT, 2200mHa LiOn Battery and clip along with 2 antennas.

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Shark RF openSPOT

Shark RF OpenSPOT

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2.4GHz Custom Antenna Bracket For AREDN Mesh Base

Some where along the way I lost the mounting bracket for my TPLink TL-ANT2412D antenna I had purchased for a Ubiquiti Bullet M2 to be converted to AREDN Mesh to be used as my base node at the QTH.  So I decided to fabricate one that I can use in the field for testing and later on for mounting to my house.

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Raspberry Pi D-STAR DVMEGA Build

Here is a build of the GigaParts DVMega Pi3 Kit SKU: ZXX-DVMEGA-01-K  This kit is nice since it includes everythign you need to get started with D-Star DV-Mega.  This is a mini RF repeater that connects to your network and sets up as a D-Star repeater allowing you to connect to D-Star reflectors and Repeaters.

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Checking Firmware Yaesu FT-991

Short video on how to check the firmware version on a Yaesu FT-991 Radio.

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KX2 QRP From The Park

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