RAK7204 LoRaWAN Environmental Sensor

The RAK7204 900Mhz LoRaWAN Environmental sensor has integrated high precision sensors that measure change in temperature, humidity, gas pressure and an indoor air quality index. All the data is accumulated and sent to a RAK7249 LoRaWAN Gateway over 915Mhz and then from the gateway forwarded over to The Things Network which is then sent over to Thing Speak cloud for visual reporting. The On board battery can provide upwards of 2 years of life with 15min data transmission intervals. At the heart of the RAK7204 is the Bosch BME680 integrated environmental sensor, currently the RAK7204 is configured to report at 5min intervals, you can see the sensor measurements here at: https://thingspeak.com/channels/1279843

Coming Soon System Diagram